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Top 4 Reasons Our Customers Build With Us

1. Faster Construction Time - Frame Your Home in Days, Not Months

Pacific Modern Homes manufactures panelized wall sections and wood roof trusses; We package them with all the materials needed to frame your home, barn or garage. When your panelized building kit is delivered to your job site, PMHI provides a Panelized Wall Plan, Roof Truss Layout and Computerized Inventory. The Panelized Wall Plan indicates where the pre-framed and numbered walls sections are to be used in the construction process. To further speed the construction process, the exterior wall sections have factory installed windows and wall sheathing. In some cases finished panel siding is installed. The Roof Truss Layout indicates where each of the lettered trusses are placed during roof construction. The Computerized Inventory identifies where the remaining materials will be used in the construction process.

2. Better Built - Our Pre-Engineered Custom Panelized Building Kits Include;

  • Dry Douglas Fir Framing Lumber - Our wall panels are framed with Dry Douglas Fir lumber which doesn't shrink or twist like green lumber that other companies use. Our window and door openings aren't going to be out of square and cause them to bind while opening and closing like those framed with green lumber.
  • 2 X 6 Exterior Walls - allows for more energy efficient wall insulation to be installed
  • Full Lifetime Window Warranty with Glass Break Coverage - Milgard Tuscany Windows
  • PV Solar Panel ready - We Engineer our Roof Trusses to support future PV Solar Panels so you don't have to modify your roof system should you decide to add them in the future

3. Pre-Engineered Custom Plans for Your Custom Home - This shortens the time required to submit for permitting by months.

Our Pre-Engineered Custom plans include;

  • Construction plans, including basic electrical and plumbing
  • Structural Engineering - Including foundation design, structural calculations, roof truss plan and calculations and Roof Truss calculations.

We design our plans with an eye toward ease of construction and reduced construction costs. Additionally, when you build one of our packages using our plans we guarantee that you will have enough material to build your new home. No other company does this!  

4. Owner-Builder Specialist

We specialize in helping individuals build their own Custom Home, Barn or Garage. We will assist you with selecting the Best Plan for your new building project. Whether it's selecting one of our Custom Pre-Engineered plans, modifying one of our Pre-Engineered Plans or a Custom plan to meet your own plan ideas. We can also help you with;

  • Anticipated Construction Costs
  • Finance Options
  • Best Building Practices
  • Walking you through the building permit process
  • Contractor Referrals
  • and much more...